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Commit hash Branch Parallel nodes Created at Updated at
05de215bf40e588d71e53a4d39d7569116deaf7a refs/pull/10353/merge 10 2023-02-01 00:46:21 UTC 2023-02-01 00:48:00 UTC

Parallel CI Nodes

All parallel CI nodes finished their work.

The time span between the finish times of the CI node that Finished First and the one which Finished Last is 1 minute 26.536 seconds. The shorter this time is, the better.


Parallel CI nodes

The first CI node finished its work at 2023-02-01 00:46:21 UTC. CI nodes that finished at least 60s later are highlighted.

The reason for slow CI nodes might be too large test files (see the Test Files tab). You may want to try the Knapsack Pro Queue Mode (Ruby) to improve the distribution of your tests. Learn more about dynamic test suite split here.

Note: if you run a CI build for the same commit again (for instance when you retry a CI build), then you will see the data updated below. Some of the nodes might be highlighted until the whole CI build is complete.

The average test execution time per CI node is 1 minute 49.667 seconds.

The time span between the finish times of the CI node that Finished First and the one which Finished Last is 1 minute 26.536 seconds. The shorter this time is, the better.

Node index Finish time Execution time
0 2023-02-01 00:46:22 UTC 1 minute 49.23 seconds
1 2023-02-01 00:46:24 UTC 1 minute 32.922 seconds
2 Finished First 2023-02-01 00:46:21 UTC 1 minute 44.038 seconds
3 2023-02-01 00:46:51 UTC 2 minutes 20.303 seconds
4 2023-02-01 00:46:21 UTC 1 minute 12.867 seconds
5 2023-02-01 00:46:21 UTC 1 minute 42.874 seconds
6 2023-02-01 00:46:24 UTC 1 minute 28.336 seconds
7 2023-02-01 00:46:22 UTC 1 minute 22.598 seconds
8 Finished Last 2023-02-01 00:47:48 UTC 3 minutes 20.36 seconds
9 2023-02-01 00:46:22 UTC 1 minute 43.14 seconds

Build Distribution
(the most recent for the build)

Build distribution ID Parallel nodes Total execution time Ideal node execution time Distance
77865415-8aa5-4326-92d8-e2ed563ae594 10 18 minutes 16.663 seconds 1 minute 49.667 seconds 1 minute 30.694 seconds

Test Files recorded on parallel CI nodes

The slow test files are highlighted in yellow.

Test files with higher execution time than 1 minute 49.667 seconds are a bottleneck because they take more time than the expected execution time per parallel CI node.

You can enable auto split of slow RSpec test files by test examples on parallel CI nodes to run your CI builds faster.

The more parallel CI nodes you use, the more test files will be split by test examples.

We recommend running at least 2 CI builds after you increase the number of parallel CI nodes. This way Knapsack Pro API can learn about your test examples defined in the slow test files to split tests better in future CI builds.

Test file path (Displaying all 31 entries files) Execution time
spec/system/consumer/split_checkout_spec.rb 3 minutes 20.36 seconds
spec/system/consumer/shopping/shopping_spec.rb 2 minutes 20.303 seconds
spec/system/consumer/shopping/checkout_spec.rb 1 minute 49.23 seconds
spec/system/consumer/shopping/variant_overrides_spec.rb 1 minute 30.02 seconds
spec/system/consumer/shops_spec.rb 1 minute 6.614 seconds
spec/system/consumer/shopping/orders_spec.rb 57.408 seconds
spec/system/consumer/split_checkout_tax_incl_spec.rb 52.529 seconds
spec/system/consumer/shopping/cart_spec.rb 50.408 seconds
spec/system/consumer/authentication_spec.rb 47.083 seconds
spec/system/consumer/shopping/checkout_stripe_spec.rb 39.167 seconds
spec/system/consumer/registration_spec.rb 26.292 seconds
spec/system/consumer/cookies_spec.rb 26.217 seconds
spec/system/consumer/split_checkout_tax_not_incl_spec.rb 24.097 seconds
spec/system/consumer/shopping/checkout_auth_spec.rb 20.866 seconds
spec/system/consumer/account_spec.rb 18.75 seconds
spec/system/consumer/shopping/checkout_paypal_spec.rb 15.609 seconds
spec/system/consumer/producers_spec.rb 14.501 seconds
spec/system/consumer/groups_spec.rb 13.465 seconds
spec/system/consumer/shopping/products_spec.rb 12.411 seconds
spec/system/consumer/multilingual_spec.rb 12.32 seconds
spec/system/consumer/user_password_spec.rb 8.702 seconds
spec/system/consumer/caching/shops_caching_spec.rb 8.022 seconds
spec/system/consumer/account/cards_spec.rb 6.987 seconds
spec/system/consumer/caching/darkswarm_caching_spec.rb 5.911 seconds
spec/system/consumer/shopping/embedded_groups_spec.rb 5.489 seconds
spec/system/consumer/account/developer_settings_spec.rb 5.307 seconds
spec/system/consumer/shopping/unit_price_spec.rb 5.153 seconds
spec/system/consumer/footer_links_spec.rb 4.637 seconds
spec/system/consumer/account/settings_spec.rb 4.419 seconds
spec/system/consumer/account/payments_spec.rb 3.323 seconds
spec/system/consumer/sitemap_spec.rb 1.08 seconds

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