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Build details

Commit hash Branch Node total Updated at Created at
f7843acebe24ace5c2715aa6335585fbb0ddcf38 refs/heads/calliope 2 2021-05-18 12:20:45 UTC 2021-05-18 12:20:45 UTC

Parallel CI nodes with completed tests

All parallel CI nodes completed tests.

Some of the CI nodes did not run tests. It could happen when the CI node started late after other CI nodes had already executed all of their tests in the Queue Mode.

The time gap between the finish times of the CI node that Finished First and the one which Finished Last is 49 minutes 14.722 seconds. The lower, the better.


Parallel CI nodes with completed tests

The first CI node finished its work at 2021-05-18 12:20:45 UTC. CI nodes that finished at least 60s later are highlighted.

The reason for slow CI nodes might be too large test files (see test files tab). You may want to try Knapsack Pro Queue Mode (Ruby) to solve a problem with the random performance of test files or your CI nodes. Learn more about dynamic test suite split here.

Note: if you run CI build for the same commit again (for instance when you retry CI build), then you will see build subsets updated below. Until retried CI build finishes work you may see highlighted build subsets.

The average tests' time execution per CI node is 14.519 seconds.

The time gap between the finish times of the CI node that Finished First and the one which Finished Last is 49 minutes 14.722 seconds. The lower, the better.

Node Index Created At Time execution
0 Finished First 2021-05-18 12:20:45 UTC 29.037 seconds
1 Finished Last 2021-05-18 13:09:59 UTC 0 seconds

Newest Build Distribution can be used for future CI build split

Build Distribution ID Node total Total time execution Ideal node time execution Distance
988247f5-9cb4-422d-83f8-16ef453ea4b3 2 29.037 seconds 14.519 seconds 1.405 seconds

The slowest test files recorded on parallel CI nodes

All test files have time execution below the ideal node time execution so they can be well split across CI nodes.

Test file path (22 files) Time execution
spec/foo_spec.rb 10.566 seconds
spec/track_context_time_spec.rb 6.27 seconds
spec/slow_shared_examples_spec.rb 4.077 seconds
spec/time_helpers_spec.rb 3.592 seconds
spec/controllers/shared.rb 1.818 seconds
spec/timecop_spec.rb 1.61 seconds
spec/features/homepage_spec.rb 0.662 seconds
spec/features/calculator_spec.rb 0.32 seconds
spec/collection_spec.rb 0.033 seconds
spec/controllers/articles_controller_spec.rb 0.03 seconds
spec/rake_tasks/dummy_rake_spec.rb 0.022 seconds
spec/vcr_spec.rb 0.014 seconds
spec/services/calculator_spec.rb 0.009 seconds
spec/controllers/welcome_controller_spec.rb 0.008 seconds
spec/bar_spec.rb 0.005 seconds
spec/services/meme_spec.rb 0.005 seconds
spec/retry_spec.rb 0.003 seconds
spec/dir with spaces/foobar_spec.rb 0.001 seconds
spec/controllers/dashboard/pending_controller_spec.rb 0.0 seconds
spec/controllers/shared_articles_controller_spec.rb 0.0 seconds
spec/controllers/pending_controller_spec.rb 0.0 seconds
spec/pending_spec.rb 0.0 seconds

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