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Why I don't see collected time execution data for my build in user dashboard?

If you go to user dashboard and open Build metrics for your API token and you open build for your last git commit you should see there info about collected time execution data from all CI nodes. If you don't see collected time execution data for CI nodes then please ensure:

  • you have Knapsack::Adapters::RspecAdapter.bind in your rails_helper.rb or spec_helper.rb
  • you explicitly set RAILS_ENV=test on your CI nodes (for instance you use Docker then please set RAILS_ENV)
  • knapsack_pro Queue Mode (version < 3.1.0) saves temporary files with collected time execution data in your_rails_project/tmp/knapsack_pro/queue/. Please ensure you don't clean the tmp directory in your tests so that knapsack_pro can publish time execution data to the Knapsack Pro API server. knapsack_pro version >= 3.1.0 uses .knapsack_pro directory for storing temporary files.

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