Speed up your tests

Optimal test suite parallelisation

get faster feedback from CI server

deliver feature faster

catch errors earlier

save time & money

automatically distribute your RSpec, Minitest, Cucumber or Spinach tests evenly
across CI nodes and save hours per week

We've been really enjoying Knapsack Pro, it's been saving us a ton of time.

Knapsack Pro has helped us build an insanely fast and scaleable build pipeline with almost no setup or maintenance.

Join these teams optimizing their tests with Knapsack Pro

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Get API token

use it with knapsack_pro gem

See documentation how to use knapsack_pro gem and your API token.

How much I can save with faster tests?

During month you can save hours and up to $ on faster development cycle.


Queue mode - dynamic tests allocation across CI nodes

autobalance tests to get optimal test suite split betweeen CI nodes

Regular mode - test suite split based on time execution

generates subset of test suite per CI node before running tests

Supported test runners

RSpec, Minitest, Cucumber, Spinach, Turnip

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How to save even more time?

You can run tasks like npm test or linter defined per CI node and the Knapsack Pro Queue Mode will auto balance your build timing to get optimal speed.

Time execution 
CI node 0
(8 minutes total)
npm test
(4 minutes)
knapsack_pro queue mode
(4 minutes)
CI node 1
(8 minutes total)
(1 minute)
(1 minute)
knapsack_pro queue mode
(6 minutes)

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