14 non-straight days of trial period
days don't have to be in a row

You can test knapsack_pro gem for a few days then take a break and continue testing it later.


Most people support project with $50/month

Big companies support project with $100/month

Tiny companies support project with $30/month

Large companies support project with +$200/month

  • For commercial projects
  • No credit card required

Try for free and switch to paid plan once you are ready!

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Open Source


  • For open source projects only
  • No credit card required
Let me know once you singed up then I can mark you account as open source.

What our happy customers say

We've been really enjoying Knapsack Pro, it's been saving us a ton of time.

Knapsack Pro has helped us build an insanely fast and scaleable build pipeline with almost no setup or maintenance.

Your no-pressure sales model really worked for me. The fact there was no pressure and we were getting value really helped me make the purchase decision.


My project is still pretty small but it’s getting new users and I’d like to validate whether I should continue work on it so people can rely on Knapsack Pro in their daily work.

The best way to do that is to find happy users willing to support my work.

No matter if your organization is small or big. We can find fair pricing.

Thanks for your support!

Artur Trzop () The author of Knapsack Pro