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This is a fantastic product, it's been a total game-changer for us.

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I just logged into my account expecting it to say that I needed to add a credit card and was so surprised and delighted to see the trial doesn't count usage by calendar days but by testing days! This is incredible! I love it!!!

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate that small but very huge feature. Thank you for being so thoughtful :)

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  1. How is the test suite length measured?

    We sum up the length of each of the CI node. So, if your test suite runs on 3 nodes and each takes 10 minutes, then the length is 30 minutes.

  2. What if I have more than 1 test suite?

    The soft limits are applied to the total usage across your suites. Test suites length means the total time run of each parallel node in all suites. The number of nodes means the total of all nodes used in all test suites.

  3. What does "up to 1 hour test suites" mean in detail?
    When you have 1 test suite (1 API token)

    Let's say your project has RSpec tests and you run CI build on a single machine for 40 minutes.
    If you run the 40 minutes RSpec test suite CI build with Knapsack Pro on 2 parallel nodes (node 0 takes 20 minutes and node 1 takes 20 minutes) then your project fits 1 hour test suite plan because the total time of running RSpec test suite is 20 minutes + 20 minutes = 40 minutes per CI build.

    When you have 2 test suites (2 API tokens)

    If you have additional tests like Cucumber and they took 50 minutes then your both test suites take 90 minutes in total (RSpec 40 minutes + Cucumber 50 minutes). Then your project fits up to 2 hours test suites plan.

    In other words, Knapsack Pro records total execution time from all your test suites (API tokens) executed across all parallel CI nodes. The total recorded time per CI build should fit up to the plan limit.

  4. What does "up to 50 parallel CI nodes" mean in detail?

    If you have one test suite for instance in RSpec and you run tests on 50 parallel CI nodes then you fit up to 50 parallel CI nodes limit.
    You can run many concurrent CI builds for the RSpec test suite.

    If you have 2 test suites, for instance in RSpec you run 30 parallel CI nodes and in Cucumber you run 20 parallel CI nodes then you fit up to 50 parallel CI nodes limit.
    You can run many concurrent CI builds for the RSpec and the Cucumber test suite.

  5. What is the parallel CI node?

    It's one of the parallel jobs (isolated server machine or Docker container) being part of the CI build. Knapsack Pro command is executed inside of each parallel job to run part of your whole test suite and thanks to that split all your tests across parallel machines. The configuration of parallel CI nodes depends on your current CI provider.

  6. Will Knapsack Pro work with my CI server?

    Knapsack Pro is CI provider agnostic. As long as you can define bash command per parallel job (parallel CI node) on your CI server then you can run Knapsack Pro with it. Knapsack Pro has built-in support for many popular CI providers.

  7. What if I exceed plan limits?

    There is no hard limit on the Knapsack Pro API side to cut you off if you exceed the parallel CI nodes limit or time usage limit. Thanks to that you can test various configurations for your project. If you happen to exceed limits or API usage would be much higher than for average customer then we will get in touch with you about plan upgrade.

  8. What is the price if I have a few projects?

    The price is based on total time execution of all test suites across all your projects.

  9. What if I have only 2 CI nodes and long test suite but I cannot add more CI nodes to leverage Knapsack Pro?

    Feel free to try Knapsack Pro and I will contact you to better understand your project context and ensure the pricing is right for the value you get.

  10. Who qualifies for open source plan?

    To qualify, your project needs just three things:

    • Source code is available in a public location with an OSI-approved license.
    • You add the Knapsack Pro badge to your README project. It can be found next to your API token in the user dashboard.
    • Your team or organization is a non-commercial entity.

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