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  • for small teams
  • up to 30 minutes test suites


  • for startups
  • up to 1 hour test suites


  • for businesses
  • up to 2 hours test suites

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  1. What means "up to 1 hour test suites"?

    Let's say your project has RSpec tests and you run them all on a single machine for 40 minutes then you fit into the up to 1 hour test suites plan.
    If you have additional tests like Cucumber and they took 50 minutes then your both test suites take 90 minutes in total. Then you fit into up to 2 hours test suites plan.

  2. What is the price if my tests take a few hours?

    Feel free to try Knapsack Pro and I will contact you to better understand your project context and ensure the pricing is right for value you get.

Custom work or support

If you need advanced help with your CI build pipeline or test suite I offer consulting services.

  • Professional experience in Ruby since 2012
  • $200/hour
Artur Trzop () The author of Knapsack Pro

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We've been really enjoying Knapsack Pro, it's been saving us a ton of time.

Knapsack Pro has helped us build an insanely fast and scaleable build pipeline with almost no setup or maintenance.

Your no-pressure sales model really worked for me. The fact there was no pressure and we were getting value really helped me make the purchase decision.