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Build details ID fd34d9d5-3ec6-4705-ae8f-1411c61ee1e0

You find here details about tests recorded for below git commit hash across 3 parallel CI nodes for mac/bug/reduce-slug-size branch.

Commit hash Branch Node total Updated at Created at
a349cca658f7eb5dcd3eaeea924387ce1cea82f7 mac/bug/reduce-slug-size 3 2021-01-21 16:33:54 UTC 2021-01-21 16:33:54 UTC

Newest Build Subsets parallel CI nodes

Here you can check if all parallel CI nodes recorded tests timing data.

When you re-run CI build or run a new CI build for the same commit & branch & node total number, then the data below will be updated.

Collected Build Subsets 1 out of 3.

Not every CI node sent time execution data to Knapsack Pro API. Please check missing CI nodes with index 0, 1.

You should see this message at the end of the test runner's output:

           [knapsack_pro] Saved time execution report on API server.

When all CI nodes send time execution data to Knapsack Pro API then you will see additional information on this page.

Node Index Created At Time execution
2 2021-01-21 16:33:54 UTC 17 minutes 6.184 seconds

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