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Can I use Knapsack Pro locally in a development environment?

It is not recommended to use knapsack_pro locally on a developer machine. knapsack_pro was not designed to be used in a development environment because you don't have isolated parallel machines in development with their own CPU/RAM/disk. In development, you won't have enough resources to run tests as fast as is possible on the CI server.

  • knapsack_pro was designed to work in a CI environment. Its main purpose is to run tests in parallel on CI. You can learn more about it here.

  • To benefit from knapsack_pro you need a CI server because CI provides you:

    • isolated parallel machines (also known as parallel containers/parallel jobs/parallel nodes)
    • each parallel machine must be isolated, it must have its DB, its own CPU/RAM/disk, etc. Thanks to that you can spread the tests work with knapsack_pro between parallel CI nodes' resources and run tests fast.

Simply speaking knapsack_pro and CI server are 2 components that are needed to run tests fast.

Our users use CI to run tests with knapsack_pro. They don't use knapsack_pro in development.

Other tools

Other tools allow you to run tests in development in parallel like the parallel_tests gem which allows you to configure separate databases in development so you could run tests against 2 different test databases in development.

knapsack_pro does not take care of configuring isolated databases in development for you. That's why you need other tools like a CI server or parallel_tests gem to do it for you.

If you are considering using parallel_tests and knapsack_pro at the same time then please read this.

A single powerful CI server

Some of our users don't have the option to run parallel nodes on CI and they only have a single powerful CI server with a lot of CPU/RAM. For instance, they use Jenkins. In such a scenario, they could use knapsack_pro + parallel_tests gem to run tests, see this.

This is the only configuration that could also work in the development environment if you would like to force knapsack_pro to do so. Most likely using only parallel_tests gem would be enough for development purposes. The biggest limitation of test suite execution speed in development will be available CPU/RAM/disk speed.

Debugging in development

Another use case when you would like to run knapsack_pro in development is when you have some issue on CI and you have a problem fixing it on the CI. Then you could check these tips. Please keep in mind that these are only for debugging purposes. Not for daily usage in development.

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