How to collect tests reports from all parallel CI nodes? Calliope Pro example

When you run tests in parallel CI nodes, you may want to collect reports about tests run on each CI node to see a complete picture of the executed tests in the test suite.

The reports could be collected in different formats depending on your test runner like RSpec, Jest, Cypress, etc. A popular reporting format is JUnit XML format or JSON format.

Calliope Pro

Calliope Pro is an automated test results dashboard that allows you to share, compare, and monitor test results.

Running it with Knapsack Pro is quite straightforward. First, you run parallel tests with Knapsack Pro, and it generates a test report for each parallel CI node. After that, you send the reports to Calliope Pro so you could collect data in the single reporting dashboard there.

Calliope Pro supports multiple test runners.

You can see examples of how to integrate your CI provider with Knapsack Pro and Calliope Pro to run parallel tests and collect test reports in a Calliope Pro user dashboard.

Calliope Pro docs

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