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Why doesn't running the test suite with Knapsack Pro on the same commit hash create a new CI build entity in the Knapsack Dashboard?

This behavior is intentional. The Knapsack Pro dashboard identifies a CI build as a unique combination of commit hash, branch name, and number of nodes. Opening a CI build shows the most recent test file timings for a given commit hash.

Running a new CI build with the same parameters (commit hash, branch name, number of nodes) updates existing test timing data in the Knapsack Pro API.

This method ensures the latest test timings are used to optimize test distribution across parallel CI nodes.

Since not all CI providers create a unique CI build ID, Knapsack Pro's design uniquely identifies a CI build with these three parameters, making it compatible with any CI provider and able to track the latest test timings for efficient parallel testing.

The main goal of the Knapsack Pro dashboard is to help fine-tune your CI setup for time savings during parallel testing, offering tips (displayed in yellow) for optimization when viewing CI builds for a specific commit.

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