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Parallel tests Cucumber and RSpec with Cucumber failures exit CI node early leaving fewer CI nodes to finish RSpec Queue

If you run tests in 2 steps like:

  • Step 1. bundle exec rake knapsack_pro:cucumber (regular mode)
  • Step 2. bundle exec rake knapsack_pro:queue:rspec (queue mode)

and your CI provider is configured to fail fast when one of the steps fails then in the case when the first step with Cucumber fails on one of CI nodes then the second step with RSpec in Queue Mode won't start on the CI node that failed fast.

It means the other CI nodes that will run the second step for RSpec in Queue Mode will consume the whole RSpec Queue so your whole CI build will take more than typical CI build when all Cucumber tests are green.

You should configure your CI provider to not fail fast the Cucumber step.

CI providers tips:

  • If you use CircleCI 2.0 you can use when=always flag. Read more here.

# Queue Mode problems & solutions for knapsack_pro gem
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