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Why when I use Queue Mode for RSpec then I see multiple times the same pending tests?

This issue has been fixed in knapsack_pro version 7.0. For older versions, keep reading.

The problem may happen when you use old knapsack_pro < 0.33.0 or if you use custom rspec formatter, or when you set flag KNAPSACK_PRO_MODIFY_DEFAULT_RSPEC_FORMATTERS=false (see how to do it).

When you use Queue Mode then knapsack_pro does multiple requests to Knapsack Pro API and fetches a few test files to execute. This means RSpec will remember pending tests so far and it will present them at the end of each executed test subset if flag KNAPSACK_PRO_MODIFY_DEFAULT_RSPEC_FORMATTERS=false. You can see the list of all pending test files at the end of knapsack_pro Queue Mode command.

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