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How can I run tests from multiple directories?

The test file pattern config option supports any glob pattern handled by Dir.glob and can be configured to pull test files from multiple directories. An example of this when using RSpec would be "{spec,engines/*/spec}/**/*_spec.rb". For complex cases like this, the test directory can't be extracted and must be specified manually using the KNAPSACK_PRO_TEST_DIR environment variable:

# This is example where you have in engines directory multiple projects
# and each project directory has a spec folder and you would like to run tests for it.
# You want to use the spec_helper from the main spec directory.
# Tree:
# * spec
# * engines
#   * project_a
#     * spec
#   * project_b
#     * spec
$ KNAPSACK_PRO_TEST_DIR=spec KNAPSACK_PRO_TEST_FILE_PATTERN="{spec,engines/*/spec}/**/*_spec.rb" bundle exec rake knapsack_pro:queue:rspec

KNAPSACK_PRO_TEST_DIR will be your default path for rspec so you should put there your spec_helper.rb. Please ensure you will require it in your test files this way if something doesn't work:

# good
require_relative 'spec_helper'

# bad - won't work
require 'spec_helper'

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