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How to manually define a list of slow test files to be split by test cases?

If you don't want to rely on a list of test files from Knapsack Pro API to determine slow test files that should be split by test cases then you can define your own list of slow test files.

# enable split by test cases for RSpec

# example slow test files pattern for RSpec

KNAPSACK_PRO_SLOW_TEST_FILE_PATTERN must be subset of KNAPSACK_PRO_TEST_FILE_PATTERN (example default pattern for RSpec is KNAPSACK_PRO_TEST_FILE_PATTERN="spec/**{,/*/**}/*_spec.rb").

Warning: KNAPSACK_PRO_SLOW_TEST_FILE_PATTERN pattern is mostly useful for debugging purposes by developers of knapsack_pro gem. If you want to use it then it is recommended to provide a shortlist of slow test files with the pattern.

If you use a too broad list of slow test files then you may end up slowing your test suite, especially for RSpec it may result in a slow generating list of test examples in your project. The long list of test file example paths won't be accepted by Knapsack Pro API due to API timeout. CI providers like CircleCI may exceed server memory when running too many RSpec test examples.

# General questions for knapsack_pro gem
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