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How to call before(:suite) and after(:suite) RSpec hooks only once in Queue Mode?

Knapsack Pro Queue Mode runs subset of test files from the work queue many times. This means the RSpec hooks before(:suite) and after(:suite) will be executed multiple times. If you want to run some code only once before Queue Mode starts work and after it finishes then you should do it this way:

# spec_helper.rb or rails_helper.rb

KnapsackPro::Hooks::Queue.before_queue do |queue_id|
  # This will be called only once before the tests started on the CI node.
  # It will be run inside of the RSpec before(:suite) block only once.
  # It means you will have access to whatever RSpec provides in the context of the before(:suite) block.

KnapsackPro::Hooks::Queue.after_queue do |queue_id|
  # This will be called only once after test suite is completed.
  # Note this hook won't be called inside of RSpec after(:suite) block because
  # we are not able to determine which after(:suite) block will be called as the last one
  # due to the fact the Knapsack Pro Queue Mode allocates tests in dynamic way.

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