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How to auto split test files by test cases on parallel jobs (CI nodes)?

How it works: You can split slow test file by test cases. Thanks to that the slow test file can be split across parallel CI nodes because test cases from the test file will run on different CI nodes.

This is helpful when you have one or a few very slow test files that are a bottleneck for CI build speed and you don't want to manually create a few smaller test files from the slow test files. Instead, you can tell knapsack_pro gem to split your slow test files by test cases across parallel CI nodes.

Knapsack Pro API provides recorded timing of test files from your previously recorded CI builds and knapsack_pro gem will use this suggestion to determine slow test files. knapsack_pro gem splits only slow test files by test cases. Test files that are fast won't be split by test cases because it is not needed.

Note: This feature works for below test runners in Knapsack Pro Regular Mode and Queue Mode. You can read article to see what is the difference between Regular and Queue Mode.

If your test runner is not listed above you can check other tip how to split test files by test level.

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